Why do you need a Company Secretary for your business in Malaysia

This post outlines the role and responsibility of a company secretary as an officer of the company


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4/24/20231 min read

The Company Secretary is an essential member of the Company's management team. It is a legal requirement in Malaysia, that every company appoints a Company Secretary within 30 days of its incorporation. This guide hopes to highlight the role and responsibilities of a Company Secretary as an officer of the Company.

A secretary must be a natural person who is 18 years or above, a Malaysian citizen, and a member of a prescribed professional body that is recognised by the SSM. The individual to be appointed must also not be disqualified from acting as a Company Secretary.

The duties and responsibilities of a Company Secretary in Malaysia include :

  • Attending Board and Member meetings

  • Ensuring the company is in compliance with the Companies Act, 2016 and any other relevant laws

  • Update and maintain the statutory records and books of the Company

  • Organise Meetings of the Board and Members

  • Liaise between the Directors and shareholders of the Company

  • Prepare and lodge with the SSM any changes in the structure of the Company

  • Prepare and lodge with the SSM the Annual Returns of the Company

  • Lodge the Financial Statements with the SSM after circulation to the members

In conclusion, all companies in Malaysia are required to appoint a Company Secretary, to carry out the various functions related to the running of a Company and to ensure compliance with the Companies Act and related bye-laws.

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