We offer tax compliance and  consultancy in tax planning strategies for corporations and individuals and  we provide our clients with the best  tax solutions possible  based on their industry and needs. 

I . Tax Audit Services

If your have the following tax concerns and are  (or are about to be) the subject of a tax audit or investigation, or have received a request from the tax authorities for a site visit, or for a meeting with the tax authorities; are being asked to provide business records, or  received an estimated tax or compound for tax default, our team of tax consultants can assist you further, by advising you on your taxable rights, interests,  penalties & negotiating for the best possible solution to any tax dispute or query.  We can also assist you with voluntary disclosures, tax appeals and litigation support, depending your situation/tax query or dispute.

II . Tax Compliance Services

Increasing tax compliance obligation coupled with a more investigative approach by the tax authorities  have  resulted in harsher penalties being imposed for non-compliance.  Our team of tax consultants can provide assistance in the following areas of filing annual tax returns, SST/GST implementation and awareness, tax refunds, tax incentive applications, tax planning and consultancy, tax savings,  transfer pricing & other services.


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